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Costa Rica, San Jose
Local seminary, ESEPA, are looking to improve their online presence by enhancing/developing their website and online courses. Puedes trabajar con un seminario para mejorar y desarrollar la educación en línea y el sitio de web.
Church development
Mexico, Ixtapaluca
You could assist the pastor in developing evangelistic activities, discipleship programmes and enabling church members to reach their community. Puedes ayudar al pastor en desarrollar oportunidades evangelisticas, programas de discipulado y enpoderar a los miembros de las iglesia en alcanzar a su comunidad.
Care and Social Action
Bolivia, Trinidad
Work in Trinidad, a small town in the Bolivian jungle in a medical project. Puedes trabajar en Trinidad, un pueblo en la selva de Bolivia, en un proyecto medico. Du kannst in Trinidad, einer kleinen Stadt im bolivianischen Dschungel, in einem medizinischen Projekt mithelfen.
Education and Training
Guatemala, Guatemala City
Teach in SETECA - teachers in Missions/ Intercultural studies, Hermeneutics and Old Testament are particularly needed. Enseñar en SETECA - Buscan específicamente Profesores en Misiones /Estudios Interculturales, Hermenéutica, y Antiguo Testamento.
Education and Training
Mexico, Puebla
Work as an english teacher in Rodane College in Puebla. Trabajar como maestro/a de ingles en el colegio Rodane en Puebla.
Church development
Guatemala, Zaragoza
Work alongside the 'New Creation' church plant in Zaragoza, disciplining young people and new believers. Trabajar con la iglesia Nueva Creación en Zaragoza, en discipulado de los jovenes y creyentes nuevos.
Colombia, Bogota
The project works with some of the main universities in Bogota with groups of students running discipleship programmes.  They run bible studies, retreats and training for students and young professionals. You would be involved in the planning and delivery of the discipleship groups plus any university outreach events.
Care and Social Action
Colombia, Bogota
This project works in an urban area in the central part of Bogota where there is a lot of social problems related to drug use, social deprivation, prostitution and abuse within the family.  It is a small project run by a Chritian lady who moved to the community and converted the ground floor of her house into a community centre, however she works with about 50-60 children and young people giving them lunch each day providing a Christian youth club and holistic activities to help keep the children off the streets and in a safe and learning environment.  They also work with groups of the mums who often suffer domestic violence. You would be involved in any and all of the daily activities ranging from helping serve the lunch to reading with the children.  This would also include Christian education and praying with the children.