Latin Nights

Hold a Latino night for Latin Link!

Welcome to Latin Nights, our fun and creative way of introducing Latin Link to groups of people. It could be anything from a small gathering of friends or your home group at your house, through to a much larger event at your church. 
We will provide you with a FREE pack to get you started, comprising a DVD, quizzes and various other helpful ideas and activities. 
Get your group together, have lots of fun, and pray and give donations to Latin Link. It couldn’t be easier. Contact us for a Latin Nights pack, making sure you add in your name and postal address.

Do it your way!

You can run your evening however you like, but here's an example of how you could do it:

  • Set the atmosphere – slap on a CD of Latino music, lay out a Latino tablecloth and some Latino trinkets.
  • Get eating and drinking! – bring out the tortilla chips and salsa, brew the fresh Fairtrade coffee (bought from our partners Kingdom Coffee, of course, so that you support Latin Link that way too!), and finish with some classic Fairtrade South American chocolate.
  • Hit the quizzes – have lots of fun as you try to figure out your llamas from your alpacas from your vicunas! And who's flag is that?
  • Play the DVD – help your group to understand who Latin Link is, what we do and how they can help.
  • Pray and give – finish with a time of prayer and give your group the opportunity to give financially to Latin Link.

A fantastic way to have fun, build community and support Latin Link and missions – all in one evening!

After the event, count up the total amount raised and send a cheque made payable to 'Latin Link' to our office address. We'd love to hear a little about your Latin Night too!

Or pay in the proceeds online via our donate page. Just choose 'Latin Nights' from the 'Other options' dropdown menu under 'Please use my gift'.