Argentine Missionaries

Partners and Sponsors

As Latin American churches rise to the global challenge of mission, we have been pleased to establish partnerships and seconding arrangements with key Latin American mission agencies.

These include Pueblos Musulmanes Internacional and Federacion Misionera Evangelica Costarricense. Both are part of Cooperacion Misionera Iberoamericana an umbrella organisation for mission across Latin America.

We are privileged to relate to the Fraternidad Teológica Latinoamericana through its local expressions in places where we work, and the Comunidad Internacional de Estudiantes Evangélicos in universities across the region.

We have a wide ranging partnership with Latin America Mission (LAM) in Miami and Toronto which includes the facility to make financial arrangements.

Our members are involved with many different national projects.  We have partnered with Southern Theological Seminaries in Argentina to provide accessible theological training for evangelical church communities in the south of the country. 

We also partner sending agencies in Europe, such as the German and Swiss mission fellowships. We have received people through denominational sending boards such as the Finnish Evangelical Free Church. In these cases, their people benefit from our team structures in Latin America.

Latin Link members are part of a number of international networks including:

  • Viva which works on behalf of vulnerable children.
  • Letra Viva the network of Christian publishers in Spanish-speaking Latin America.