Cross - Latin Link

Who we work with

Relationship, partnership and networking are key words for Latin Link. Some agencies prefer to cover everything from candidate pool to placement all within their own structures. Our way of working is to include churches, projects and a host of other organisations and agencies in the selection, sending, placing and care of personnel.

We are about interdenominational ministry within a wide ranging evangelical context. In seeking personnel, we work with churches and Christian training centres to see how we can help them release people into fruitful mission. We also match professionals with needs.

National and continental mission networks form the backdrop to many of our strongest relationships. Find out more about these. If you represent one of these and we can serve you in some way, please let us know.

In placing people, we make formal partnership agreements at international and national levels as appropriate, as well as other more fluid arrangements between individual Latin Link members and the churches or projects they work with.

We are open to co-operating with other groups, including business sponsors who may want a focus for their commitment to social responsibility and are willing to identify with Latin Link and its aims.  

So please have a look at who we arewhat we do, and what we believe, and get in touch with your ideas about how we might work together.