Personal formación

PERSONAL formación is about our relationship with God, an openness to lifelong learning, growing into spiritual maturity, and encouraging others to begin or continue this process.

Nikki and friend in cableOne-to-one or small group discussion about what it means to be a Christian can take place anywhere – in universities, in the workplace, in homes, in a coffee shop, on the street, even in church!

Latin Link members see the importance, not only of evangelism, but also of discipleship. Often, after making a first commitment, new Christians are left to their own devices. We want to get alongside people, to see them grow in faith and knowledge as they learn what the Bible teaches, and experience God in their lives day to day.

Priscilla Dany and youthBut what of the spiritual formation of Latin Link members themselves? Just because you’re in mission doesn’t mean you’re perfect, or immune from life’s difficulties! We all experience these at times in our lives. To help Latin Link members to flourish in their ministries and calling, we encourage lifelong learning and personal development through further study and retreats. Latin Link expects its members to be part of a worshipping community, have interests, take breaks and holidays.

Members on our Stride programme of up to two years are given a personal mentor to meet with on a regular basis. And each year our country teams have a conference. This is a time to share experiences, pray together and recharge the batteries. Rather than being set apart and isolated, we expect our people to play a full part in the local community as well as the Latin Link community and live life to the full. 

Stephen Goulds with boysStephen Goulds spent two years on Stride in Argentina: ‘I had two mentors: one when I was working at the children’s home, and another who was a teacher at the school where I also taught. Both made time to chat with me, discuss any problems I may have been having and, most importantly, pray.I joined a Baptist church in Bariloche and enjoyed going there a lot, getting involved with the Sunday school programme and youth work. People were open, friendly and very generous with their time. I was always made to feel very welcome.’

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