Church formación

Church formación includes teaching and development, leadership training and whole-life discipleship for all ages.

Church is not just for Sunday. 
Latin Link works with churches who ask us to help them go beyond the first stage of leading people to Christ, to become disciples, apprentices or followers of Jesus in a way that has an effect on every part of their lives.

CommunionEveryone wants to be a leader! 
Some people are born leaders, natural leaders; others are surprised to become leaders. Latin Link seeks to model and teach ‘servant leadership’ and help equip the church at every level.

Praise God for the growth of the church in Latin America! Yet many churches are in their infancy. Few of the new pastors and leaders across the region have received training, and many find themselves in a position of unaccustomed power. Faced with complex challenges and with distorted teaching all around, it can be invaluable to have some personal guidance at hand, as well as help to develop their church’s activities. Sometimes we can help a church over a particular area of difficulty, or one it lacks expertise in.

Many leaders perceive the Latin American church to be in a critical state, in need of urgent input or, as one has said, ‘it may implode’.

‘In Colombia, the majority of men and women known and acknowledged as church leaders have no formal training whatsoever. This puts nothing of their legitimacy as leaders in doubt, nor even their suitability as pastors and preachers, of course. Incredibly, there are many who do a remarkable work. But it does point to a very obvious reason for the vulnerability of the Latin American church to all sorts of dubious teachings. In many cases we have a church that has abandoned the Word of God as its foundation. We have helped some churches to train their leadership in their own time  and in their premises, with us sending the teachers to spend time with them once or twice a week – that has proved very successful.’ Manuel Reaño, Bible Seminary of Colombia


Sunday school leaders trainingNurturing the body of Christ. 
Bible study, teaching and preaching, mentoring, counselling – Latin Link members have been asked to do all these things and more. We’re keen to support church planting and growth, and to develop positive learning environments for the various groups within churches, who may be at different stages on their faith journey: children, young people, families, older people. 

‘Originally from Northern Ireland, we have worked in a small evangelical church in Recife for six years. Here we have been able not only to inspire church members by using more dynamic Bible teaching methods, but also train them to teach others. Writing materials specific to the discipleship needs of the members has been a rewarding task.

‘Judith’s previous experience in accounting was exactly what the church needed to help them unravel their financial problems and get their legal registration sorted out.

‘But perhaps one of the most important aspects of our time here has been to try and show that no spiritual gift is more valuable than another, as we have motivated and led various building and repair projects in the church premises.

‘Working in partnership with other local Adrian & Judith Stewartchurches taking the gospel into the unreached interior of the Pernambuco State, we have been able to find projects for several Latin Link Step teams who, despite being short term, have boosted this church planting work and given immeasurable encouragement to the Brazilians serving on the “front line”.'
Adrian and Judith Stewart, Recife, Brazil


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