Business formación

BUSINESS formación is about encouraging ethical employment, creating social enterprise and providing microfinance.

Jewellery makingThis is a new area for Latin Link and one we feel passionate about. It springs from seeing poverty and underemployment, and a general lack of development and investment in many places. One of the most urgent needs, we see, is to help create employment that is accompanied by Christian ethics.

Business formación is about providing opportunities for disadvantaged people and to give them the dignity of providing for their own physical and material needs and those of their families. It’s about training in business, using Christian, biblical principles such as honesty, integrity, good stewardship and generosity. We believe these values will form the bridge between the purely material and whole life, spiritual transformation.

Rachel learns to make jewelleryEconomic transformation through business is just one part of the process which results in improved standards of living and a renewed sense of dignity for the poor.

Social transformation happens as families are better provided for, with spare resources that can be spent on healthcare and education.


Spiritual transformation goes beyond the economic and the social. When people become disciples of Christ, the resulting transformation has the potential to influence all aspects of society. 

‘I am seeking to meet people’s economic needs through business. By supporting and encouraging people in their own businesses through microfinance, training and for some, giving access to international markets, they are able to help themselves improve their standard of living and support their families better. Alongside the desire to see economic transformation among the materially poor, the aim is also to see social and spiritual transformation through training in business and encouraging the use of biblical principles, support of families and communities, and introducing people to Jesus Christ.

Roland Brown, Bolivia.

If you’re a business person or an entrepreneur with a heart to invest in Latin America, please contact us. This is an area where we urgently need to recruit.

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