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Facts about Mexico

  • Population: 115 million
  • Area: 1,972,550 km.sq.
  • Climate: Varies from rainforests in the south through the volcanic central plains to the dry north
  • Capital: Mexico City
  • Currency: Mexican Peso
  • People: Mixed Race 65%, Amerindian 19%, Euro-American 14%, Arab 1%, Other 1%
  • Official Languages: Spanish
  • Religion: 95% Christian (8% Evangelical), 5% Other Faiths/None

Politics and economics

Mexico is the third largest country in Latin America and influenced by its border with the United States to the north. High levels of drug-related violence continue to destabilise areas of Mexico. Industrial activity includes oil and manufactured goods as well as tourism and agriculture. More than half the workforce is in the informal economy.

Geography and climate

From rainforests in the south to dry northern plains and volcanoes in the centre of the country, Mexico has a great variety of climatic conditions.

People and society

Mexico is the country with the most Spanish-speaking people in the world, covering ancient cultures and vibrant modern economic activity, rural ethnic diversity and the biggest city in Latin America, as well as high levels of cross-border labour migration.

Religion and the church

Institutionalised religion allied to political influence in a nominally secular state is the backdrop for evangelical witness.

Latin Link's work in Mexico

Our recently-arrived team members are based in Puebla in seminary-level theological education.

Mission opportunities in Mexico

Openings in leadership training as well as ministry among students and young people are possible. Bible translation needs exist, and there are openings in Christian media.  

Applicants must be willing to study and learn Spanish well.

To find out more about mission in Mexico, please browse our opportunities or contact us.