How we work with churches

Latin Link offers itself to churches as a resource and a route by which those whom God is calling to Latin mission may be enabled to do so.

The relationship between Latin Link, a home or sending church, and the church/project in Latin America or Spain can be seen as a kind of triangle designed to support the individual, couple or family in mission. All three are included at various stages in selection, placement, ongoing support and review, and debrief on return.

We include home or sending churches from the start. Initially they will know more about candidate than we do, and can give valuable and insightful references. We like to work in ongoing partnership with churches and hope they will want to get to know Latin Link better as they support their member in mission.

We recognise that the amount of involvement will vary from church to church. We would hope for some financial contribution, prayer, and ongoing communication. It is sometimes possible for a church leader, member or group to make a visit and see for themselves the work their member is engaged in.

Please feel free to contact us:

  • for advice about mission in Latin America - we are specialists!
  • about putting together your own summer Step team

Perhaps you would like to host a Latin American in mission? 
We have placed a number of Latin Americans with churches in Britain and Ireland, mainly those who are working with local immigrant communities. Find out more in the Latin Partners section.