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Facts about Spain

  • Population: 44.6 million
  • Area: 505,988km.sq
  • Climate: Mediterranean
  • Capital: Madrid
  • Currency: Euro
  • People: 98% Indigenous, 2% Other Nationalities
  • Languages: Spanish (Castilian), Catalan and its variant Valencia, Gallego (Galician), Euskera (Basque)
  • Religion: 68% Christian (1% Evangelical), 32% Mainly Non Religious/Other Faiths

Politics and economics

A world power through exploration and conquest from the 16th Century, Spain’s modern history has been framed by civil war in the 1930s and the resulting rule of General Franco until 1975, when King Juan Carlos was inaugurated as head of State. Regional issues and conflict continue to be prominent. Spain has moved from an isolated economy to an outward looking modern one as a member of the European Union over the past 25 years.

Geography and climate

From the mountains of the north through the central plain to the Mediterranean coast Spain enjoys plentiful agriculture and industry and extensive tourism.

People and society

Spanish culture is rich and flamboyant, full of life. There are plenty of things to enjoy including the people, food, dance, sport and, of course, the sun. The Spanish are a religious people, hospitable and welcoming.

Religion and the church

Many see religion as a tradition steeped in superstition.

The number of evangelical Christians in Spain is very small (around 0.08% of the population). The church needs help, support and training in evangelism, leadership formation and discipleship. Often pastors work alone in small churches. They need encouragement and more people to help with simple outreach and witness and help with organizing activities. Thousands of Latin Americans have migrated to Spain, entering on ancestor visas, and a large percentage of evangelicals in Spain are from Latin America (often 80% in many churches).

Latin Link's work in Spain

The Cascadas study centre in Central Spain has been the main Latin Link connected work for several years. In addition we have had Striders serving in specific ministries with students and with a church in Santander. In recent years we have sent Step teams to work alongside this same church in Santander in social projects.

Mission opportunities in Spain

With our commitment to multidirectional mission we are keen to place people who can help in the development of the mission of the Latin American church in Spain, which increasingly influences every church congregation either through immigration or specifically mission focused placements. We are looking for people who are willing to get integrated into life and ministry in Spain, to love and serve the people. These can be evangelists, mentors, preachers and teachers with creativity and flexibility. Other professionals from within the European Union can also get jobs as the context for their life and witness in Spain. Language teaching provides a local service and with a church base is a good way of meeting people and sharing faith. Many churches are involved in social projects which require people with organizational skills and love for the poorest and least advantaged in society.

To find out more about mission in Spain, please browse our opportunities or contact us.