Let’s be honest. Four years of ongoing economic recession can seem like an overwhelming storm. This unprecedented situation is tough for both individuals and organisations to cope with and we all need more faith and wisdom than ever. At Latin Link, as costs rise and income falls, we are struggling, but we are also committed to trusting in God, spending every penny wisely, economising wherever possible, and above all, keeping our eyes on the vision:

We want to see vibrant, Bible-believing Christian communities in every part of Latin America, impacting their neighbours, their societies and the wider world. 

Will you please help us?

The recession is a storm which is hard for us all to weather. It’s not getting any easier and it will be a while before things improve. But thank God, our security does not lie in financial resources, nor in our own strength.  There’s only one true firm foundation: to listen to Christ’s teaching and follow it. That’s what we intend to keep doing at Latin Link, if you will continue to support us! 

Will you help us to stand firm during this long storm?

We are so grateful for all your prayers, donations and other activities supporting Latin Link.  At this time of additional pressure, would you please prayerfully consider if youcould do even more? You might give (or increase your giving) on a regular basis, hold a coffee morning, make a special donation, or host a prayer event. 

Whatever you do, please  join with us as we stand firm, working together with  Latin Americans to see God’s kingdom come.  

Thank you!