Bristol CU Summer Step

Project - During our time on our building project, we stayed in Tupac Amaru, Pisco, with a Peruvian called Felipe, affectionately known as our Peruvian uncle.  Our mission, having chosen to accept it, was to help a team of 2-3 local builders to build a church in the nearby village of Toscania (the correct pronunciation of which we still haven’t quite grasped!), one of the many places that were struck by the earthquake last year.

The project was overseen by Reuben (our maestro extraordinaire) and Maria, the village pastor – soon to be known as our Peruvian mummy and daddy.  We were so blessed in being taken under their wing and felt instantly safe and at home when they were around.


Kids’ Work - As well as being supreme apprentice builders, we also swiftly became involved with the kids in Toscania, all of whom the girls decided they would like to take back to England with them!  We led Sunday schools, as well as playing copious games of ‘Llama, llama, alpaca’ and ‘Qué hora es, Señor Lobo?’, and obviously not forgetting the Peru vs England football matches on Thursdays, with the whole village getting involved.

Thoughts - GOD IS SO FAITHFUL – this may be an obvious thing to say, but it’s so true, and something we frequently forget.  God faithfully answered so many prayers during our time in Peru, and really taught us to rely on Him (trust us; you certainly can’t make it through in your own strength when three non-Spanish speaking Steppers are trying to control 50 kids on a sugar high!).

We learnt how God’s love breaks down all barriers, be they language, cultural or age related. The children whom we had the pleasure of working with were delightful, happily accepting us strange foreigners and showing us so much affection without question; a fantastic example we thought we could all learn from.  We were also struck by just how loving and giving everyone was.  Relatively, the Peruvians we met had very little and yet they were more than happy to give it all away.  The hospitality and generosity we encountered was just astounding: in particular, Reuben and Maria were such fantastic examples of God’s work in action, and it was truly humbling and a privilege to know them.

From the Peruvian church, we learnt to be more thankful in Christ.  Lots of our prayers began with, “please, please, please” - the Peruvians started with, “thank you, thank you, thank you”.  Reminding ourselves of all the amazing things God had done for us helped us to remember just who we were talking to; the Almighty Creator of the universe we are able to call our Father!

Conclusion - We had the most amazing time, were blessed in countless ways, met fantastic people and feel honoured to have been witnesses to God’s work in South America.  Gloria a Dios, gloria a Dios, gloria a Dios!

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