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Education and Training
Brazil (Viçosa)
Work as a cook at CEM, the Evangelical Missions Centre of Brazil, where we seek to train and prepare Brazilians for mission.
Guatemala (Guatemala City, Puerto Barrios, Chiquimala, Coban)
To support students in evangelism and discipleship through the Grupo Evangélico Universitario (GEU).
Education and Training
Colombia (Medellín)
Teach degree-level courses at a Bible college, particularly as a teacher in the following areas: New Testament, Systematic Theology and Practical Theology.
Education and Training
Ecuador (Quinindé)
Help establish a worship group in the Iglesia de Dios church Luz a las Naciones in Quinindé.
Education and Training
Identify and organise opportunities for Step teams and Striders throughout Brazil. You will be researching new Step and Stride projects and assessing their viability.
Education and Training
Guatemala (Escuintla)
To work with Terra Coco, a new initiative led by Christian leaders, to address ecological issues in Escuintla and the surrounding area.
Bolivia (Santa Cruz)
Work in a Christian Café for students in the busy commercial centre of Santa Cruz and build up friendship and trust with the students.